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Leviathan Tea Blends

So, I found out that after my three other blends groups, I had 5 more spots to make blends, so I figured why not make some for this fabulous series?  It deserves a lot more attention.  Plus, the labels were super fun to make/draw/do stuff.  Without further delay, the teas:

Prince Aleksandar of Hohenberg Chestnut, almond oolong, and lapsang souchong with cocoa nibs.  A bit haughty, a bit naive, but a comforting and warm-hearted tea nevertheless, with a hint of smoke from hanging about in all those Walkers.

Midshipman Dylan Sharp - Irish breakfast, rooibos lemon cloud, and spiced mate.  A robust cup of black tea, certain to wake you up and get you going in the mornings, with tart citrus, and…was that a bit of girlish vanilla?  Nah, it can’t be.

Dr. Emma Nora Barlow - Earl grey moonlight, rooibos vanilla chai, and apricot.   Smooth and sophisticated and a little bit sweet, with tenacious, well-traveled spices.  Rest assured, there’s a lot more to this blend than it lets on at first. 

Lilit, the Revolutionary - Grapefruit oolong, mango mate, and green chai with ginger.  One thing’s for certain, this blend isn’t subtle.  Spicy, determined green chai and mate, combined with a punch of grapefruit and mango, this tea is confident and straight forward.

Wildcount Ernst VolgerGunpowder, spiced green, and pu erh dante.  Dry, refined, and almost bitter, with a hint of spice and an hidden earthiness reminiscent of a naturalist.

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