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Wreck-It Ralph Teas!

So, I’m back, and with more tea!  After seeing the movie, I really wanted to make some teas for Wreck-It Ralph.  Plus, it’s been awhile since I’ve done any kind of pixel work, so this was a fun little experiment.  Normally, I’d wait until after I’ve written up a description for the tea, but some of the teas I used are seasonal, and will only be available for Christmas time.

Wreck-It Ralph - Chocolate chai, masala chai, assam melody

Strong enough to break down buildings, but with a warm, sweet side.  And did you happen to say chocolate was your favorite?

Vanellope von Schweetz - Cream, rooibos vanilla chai, candy cane, chocolate chips

Sugary sweet and minty, with a bit of spunky spice.

Fix-It Felix - Gingerbread, peach oolong, tiger eye

Warm and sweet, this tea is sure to give you the honeyglows something awful.

Sgt. Tammy Calhoun - Gunpowder, toasted mate, currant

Strong and in your face, this tea doesn’t take any guff.  But there’s a bit of sweetness buried underneath all that tough-talking.

ALSO, here’s a $5 off coupon if you do decide to buy anything from Adagion, though it’s only good for 24 hours:  8396923032

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